Industry Professionals serving as non-executive directors to Alternative Funds

Industry Professionals serving as non-executive directors to Alternative Funds

IPAF opens Cayman office

The IPAF Group is delighted to announce the opening of an office in the Cayman Islands; IPAF (Cayman) Ltd will be operational with effect from 1st September 2014.

IPAF (Cayman) Ltd’s independent directors will offer the same services as IPAF (UK) Ltd: non-executive directors for hedge, real estate and private equity funds.  Each IPAF panel member has significant hands-on experience of working in the alternatives industry and has a particular specialist area of focus, including front office, regulation, legal, administration, operations, risk management, valuation and asset raising; thus clients are able to select boards based on complementary skills.

The team bring a variety of investment and alternatives experience and expertise and will adhere to the same high standards included in IPAF’s principles:

  • Belief in personal responsibility and accountability
  • Adding real value to boards
  • Limiting the number of directorships to ensure they have adequate time to devote to each company.

In addition, IPAF (Cayman) Ltd will be supported by an office that provides a full range of corporate services:  company formation, provision of registered office, secretarial, nominee and shareholder services.

Since its foundation in 2012 by Caroline Hoare and Stella Murrell, IPAF has focused on raising standards of corporate governance in the alternatives industry by placing industry professionals on the boards of funds.  Nicola Floyd joined the team this year, as the business has grown.  In addition to the four Cayman panel members, IPAF has directors in the following jurisdictions:

  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Channel Islands
  • Malta
  • Bermuda
  • Barbados
  • South Africa
  • U.K.

Biographies of all available directors appear on the website  

For further enquiries, please contact Amy Webber on +44 20 7340 6316.