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Keith Day

Keith Day hedge funds

Keith is resident in Barbados and has considerable experience in all aspects of the hedge fund industry, from trading financial commodity instruments to  significant investor and allocator roles.  Keith’s BSc(Hons) is in Metallurgy and he first worked for a non-ferrous metal mining and refining company.  In his subsequent career in finance, he specialized for a number of years in bullion, foreign exchange and London Metal Exchange products. Keith has worked for a trading company, broker, investment bank, hedge fund and as senior partner of a CTA.  Keith has spent considerable time in the Middle East, where he became Senior Portfolio Manager Alternative Investments to a Sovereign Wealth Fund, where he held responsibility for the manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management of a multi-billion portfolio of investments.   Keith retired in 2008 to focus on advisory work for hedge funds and a limited number of independent non-executive directorships.




Risk Management, Investment Allocation, Investment Management