Industry Professionals serving as non-executive directors to Alternative Funds


News from IPAF (UK) Ltd

Caroline Hoare and Stella Murrell, the executive directors of IPAF (UK) Ltd, are delighted to announce the addition of three new panel directors. 

Two of them are in Dublin:  Barbara Healy and Victoria Parry.   Nicola Meaden Grenham, also an Irish resident, is one of IPAF’s original panel members. This means that IPAF now has an extremely strong Irish team.

Barbara, former Global Head of Operations at JP Morgan HFS, is a chartered accountant with expertise in hedge fund administration and has significant experience of serving on fund boards.  Victoria, former Senior Legal... read more...

Views on Corporate Governance – as published in Kinetic Partners October 2013 bulletin

Corporate Governance has become a hot topic in the hedge fund industry and it is almost certainly about to become the next big thing for private equity and real estate funds.

The reason for this is not hard to understand. Having been a topic totally ignored for many years, its sudden discovery is like a religious conversion.  Now everyone is a believer.  The persecution of the old gods is in full swing and previous faiths will be outlawed.

Is this fair?  Well, up to a point, Lord Copper.  The industry norm for many years was to have (usually) two perfectly... read more...

The Hedge Fund Journal

Corporate Governance - a few questions and suggested answers on goose sauce..

A great deal of ink has been spilt recently on the subject of hedge fund boards and corporate governance generally. The Weavering case put the fear of God into the industry (well, that was surely the Cayman judiciary’s intention) and the FT article in November 2011 apparently came as a total surprise to many, who were “scandalised” by the fact that some offshore hedge funds had directors who sat on literally hundreds of boards. Where on earth has everybody been? This has been the status quo for years and... read more...